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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Framing of Lee Harvey Oswald on the Internet: an Introduction

by Judyth Vary Baker

A timeline (“Interactive Timeline of the Life of Lee Harvey Oswald”) written by Tracy Parnell, and sponsored by John McAdams, the Warren Commission apologist, asserts “facts” about Oswald that are unproven or have been disproven. In addition, “facts” are presented as determined by the Warren Commission as if they are true and proven when they are merely speculative. For example, the timeline asserts as “fact” that Oswald shot at General Walker. Though Lee Oswald never told the author anything about the Walker incident itself, as to his participation, he did tell me that he feared for his safety due to the incident, when he was ordered to pass out pro-Castro flyers soon after the incident took place. His undated note to Marina about his possible arrest or being killed is supposed to be ‘evidence’ that he participated in the Walker shooting incident, but Lee told me he had advised Marina on what to do if he should be arrested or killed because he feared what Dallas police might do to him by creating a pro-Castro scene only five days after the Walker incident.the kennedy assassination,JFK,Kennedy,oswald

The undated note for Marina tells her how to get help, etc. if Lee happened to get arrested or killed in Dallas (Lee told this writer that he feared being arrested or shot by riled-up Police after the Walker incident occurred). Lee was ordered to conduct a pro-Castro demonstration on the streets of Dallas five days after the Walker incident. This event is on record:

The note…(undated) used to damn Oswald.

In the chronology given to me by Mary Ferrell, a date has been falsely ascribed to this note because Marina said she got it before Oswald shot at Walker, even though she also said she was horrified to learn of the event after it happened:

In his April 10 note to Marina, Oswald says, "...the money from work will probably be coming. The money will be

sent to our post office box." (WC Vol 16, p. 1)

This is a very important statement. When did Lee Oswald get his very last check from Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall? Its date, and the date it was cashed, can tell us a lot about when the note itself was actually written.

And here –shockingly –or maybe not, since this is often the case concerning evidence and Oswald--we find that the check has been tampered with, as explained by author-researcher Harrison E. Livingstone on p. 12 in his book

The Radical Right and the Murder of John F. Kennedy: Stunning Evidence

in the Assassination of the President (Trafford, 2004):

“Oswald’s last check at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall, #5811, issued on April 10,

1963, shows possible tampering…there are two “paid” stamps on the face,

One dated April 12, and one dated March, 1963…”

(photoshot from computer screen)

Oswald’s last check was stamped as cashed on April 12 AND in March. That’s not possible, so we can’t conclude that Oswald’s signature is on the check or that check #5811 was ever issued to Oswald. What if Oswald had been issued a check at a later date?

If Oswald’s check was actually cashed after April 15, when Oswald made the pro-Castro demonstration, it might have noticed that the note actually referred to the dangers Oswald feared due to being ordered to put on the Pro-Castro demonstration so close to the Walker incident. That would wipe out the value of the “Walker note.” As it is, two stamps are on this “Oswald check”-- once for March (!) and once for April:

Note two “cashed” stamps (left & center)

Note “April 12” stamp—meaning the check was cashed April 12, as well as a stamp for March 1? on Oswald’s so-called April 10 paycheck. Somebody boo-boo’d.

The HSCA used Marina’s testimony to conclude Oswald shot at Walker, largely based on the undated note: (p 61)

“This undated note, although it did not mention General Walker, clearly indicated that Oswald was about to attempt an act during the course of which he

might be killed or taken into custody.” But there’s the report of Oswald’s pro-Castro demonstration that he told me he faithfully performed, despite danger to himself, only 5 days after Walker was shot at, which was ignored:

April 15, 1963 (Monday) - Oswald passes out Fair Play for Cuba Committee literature on Main Street in Dallas. Oswald had a 'Viva Castro' sign around his neck. The police report (5/15/64) says this happened in late spring or early summer at Main and Ervay in front of H. L. Green store entrance. (WC Vol 22, p. 796; WC 23, p. 477; WC Vol 25, p. 681; Dallas Times Herald, 12/9/63; Life, 2/21/64, p. 76) “ (Ref: Ferrell Chronology)

These revelations are ignored by the Oswald-did-it folks, even though Lee’s note was not dated and Marina’s information cannot be relied upon for accuracy concerning the Walker incident. For example, Marina claimed Lee hid the rifle under his raincoat as he walked (one version) or rode (another version) a bus to Walker’s house—though Lee never did own a raincoat. She said he buried the rifle (one version) or hid the rifle in bushes (another version) before (in one version) and after using it.

This writer, a witness who knew Oswald in New Orleans, never saw a rifle in Lee’s possession, and there has been no believable explanation of how “Lee’s” rifle made it unseen to Dallas from New Orleans. Nosy neighbors in New Orleans never reported seeing any rifle, though Marina said Lee dry-fired it for hours on their very visible screened porch at 4905 Magazine Street, which at the time had no bushes hiding the porch from full view. Neighbors instead reported seeing Lee reading for hours on the porch, even when they had unkind things to say about the accused assassin.

The Interactive Timeline Revisited

With these considerations in mind, it is time to look at the “Interactive Timeline” which is (unfortunately) quoted so frequently by students, teachers, researchers and others, straight from the internet.

The “Interactive Timeline” comes up immediately when seeking Lee’s biography. Not only does it assert that Lee shot at Walker: it also offers as “fact” that Lee ordered a rifle and a revolver, despite massive evidence we now know exists that decry such statements.

One portion of this carelessly assembled timeline, concerning the ordering of a rifle and a revolver, as if by Oswald, offers dates between January 28, 1962 (sic) and March 25, 1963 for these events. It is an excellent example of how the Timeline is being used to frame Oswald to this very day. Here are the entries:

January 28, 1962 (sic): LHO orders a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver by mail.

February 13, 1963: The Oswalds attend a dinner party at the home of the De


February 22, 1963: The Oswalds attend a dinner party at the home of Everett Glover, where they meet Ruth Paine.

March 2, 1963: The Oswalds move to 214 West Neely Street.

March 9-10, 1963: LHO takes photographs of the home of General Edwin Walker, a right-wing activist.

March 11, 1963: The Militant, a prominent left-wing publication, publishes a letter signed L.H., probably written by LHO.

March 12, 1963: Ruth Paine visits Marina at the new apartment. Also that day, LHO orders a rifle from Klein's Sporting Goods in Chicago.

March 20, 1963: The rifle and the revolver are shipped.

March 25, 1963: LHO picks up the weapons

First of all, before even looking at evidence that casts serious doubts on Oswald’s having ordered a revolver and a rifle, let’s use some common sense.

According to the Timeline, Oswald ordered a revolver on January 28, 1962. This is a typo. Parnell means 1963. Right away, we should question Parnell’s (and McAdams’) dedication to accuracy and detail about the Timeline. The typo ‘1962’ has been on this site since at least 2002, when I first copied it. As of Sept. 26, 2011, the typo has remained as ‘1962.’

Setting that aside, we assume Parnell means ‘1963.’ Now we get to the gist of the matter. According to the Warren Commission, Lee Harvey Oswald ordered a revolver on January 28, 1963. He ordered a rifle on March 12, 1963. The Warren Commission tells us that both of Oswald’s weapons were shipped on March 20, 1963 and that he picked up both weapons 5 days later, on March 25, 1963.

Let’s use some common sense and logic.

The revolver was supposedly ordered January 28. It was shipped on March 20. That’s 4 days for January, 28 days for February, and 20 days for March = 52 days. It took 52 days to fill the order.

The rifle was supposedly ordered March 12. It was shipped on March 20. It took 8 days to fill the order.

We are supposed to blindly believe that both weapons, though they were ordered 44 days apart from each other, nevertheless were shipped the same day, both arrived on the same day and both were picked up on the same day.

Seems that people mean and low enough to plant evidence against Oswald were also not very bright. For more information on how Oswald was framed, on just THIS issue, please see these essays at SCRIBD:

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To view only a few more examples of the many errors and evidence of overt prejudice in the Parnell timeline for Lee Harvey Oswald, which are read daily by trusting (we hope not) students, teachers and citizens of the world, presented, as it is, as a reference tool, please read this:

Interactive Timeline of Lee Harvey Oswald: an Analysis

Why It’s Important to Clear Oswald’s Name

Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of killing President John F. Kennedy. The media and Internet have been keeping that old lie alive. Evidence to the contrary is ignored, minimalized, declared unimportant. But it IS important. Clearing Oswald’s name means that these old lies will be seen for what they are, and that those who actually killed Kennedy, protected by the government and the media, will then be recognized. Since these people illegally and violently took over America, uncounted millions have suffered wars and financial disasters worldwide that can be traced to the radical changes in US policies and monetary practices.

It is our obligation to trace the handoffs of power. It is our obligation to stand tall on November, 2013, and fight the “official story” that is still being used to hide the taking of America from the people.